Sunday, July 20, 2008

110. Guilty by Karen Robards

About the book

Kate White, a single mother and Philadelphia ADA, is embarrassed in court when her cellphone goes off during a trial. Just then the defendantA pulls out a pistol and starts shooting, killing the judge. The terror-stricken Kate fears for her life and the future of her young son, Ben, should she die in the melee. After being taken hostage, Kate escapes, supposedly by killing her captor. Kate soon discovers that her past as a troubled foster child has caught up to her. Someone tries to break into her home, while someone else follows her, threatening her and Ben. Det. Tom Braga, who investigates the courtroom shooting, is firmly convinced that Kate didn't kill her captor. Kate's vulnerability appeals to Tom's protective nature, drawing the pair together in a heated affair. Robards once again shows her flair for coupling first-rate suspense with multidimensional characters.

I will admit I have a love/hate relationship with Karen Robards books. I very rarely buy them for this reason. For some unknown reason I did buy this one from of of the book clubs. I am happy to say that I really enjoyed this book. It kept me turning pages long into the night, when I should have been sleeping. I think at first I was looking for the "thing" that was going to annoy me but it did not happen and I was then caught up in the story. It is nice to feel good after reading one of her books.


Kristie said...

I have a ton of her books but have never read one. I haven't heard any wonderful things about it, but the premises always sounds so good. I guess I should try and read one someday.

Heidi said...

Some are better than others. Give one a try.