Saturday, January 31, 2009

9. Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr

About the book

In the space of a few months Vanessa buried her husband, Matt, and gave birth to their son—breaking her heart while filling it with a whole new kind of love. But the one man she longs to share this love with now acts as if she doesn't exist.
paul Haggerty lives by the marine motto: Semper Fi. Ever faithful to his best friend, he's done right by Matt's widow as best he can…considering he's been secretly in love with her for years. Now, just as he's about to make his move, another woman has staked her claim on him—a claim that will be tough to escape.
With courage, humility and not a little meddling from the good folks of Virgin River, Vanni and Paul might just get a second chance to have the love they both desire and deserve.

I love this series and wish it would go on forever. I know that is not going to happen so I will enjoy the books as they are printed.

Monday, January 26, 2009

8. Left to Die by Lisa Jackson

about the book

One by one, the victims are carefully captured, toyed with, then subjected to a slow and agonizing death. Piece by piece, his exquisite plan takes shape. The police can't yet see the beauty in his work-but soon, very soon, they will . . .
In the lonely woods around Grizzly Falls, Montana, four bodies have been discovered. Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli have been hoping for a career-making case, but this is a nightmare. Even with the FBI involved, Selena and Regan have nothing to go on but a killer's cryptic notes, and the unsettling knowledge that there is much worse to come . . .
TO DIE . . .
When Jillian Rivers opens her eyes, she's trapped in a mangled car. Then a stranger, claiming to be a trail guide named Zane MacGregor, pries her free. Though she's grateful, something about him sets Jillian on edge. And if she knew what lay out there in the woods of Montana, she'd be truly terrified. Because someone is waiting . . . watching . . . poised to strike and make Jillian the next victim . . .

I really enjoyed this book. Lots of suspense. This book came out in August of 2008 and I usually read her books as soon as I get them. For some reason I kept overlooking this one. I am kind of glad that I did. There will be another book Chosen to Die in Aug of 2009. One of the story lines continues in that book. So had I read this book in August I might have been annoyed with waiting a year to find out who the bad person is. But since August is just around the corner,it is not that big of a deal to me.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

7. Murder Most Maine by Karen MacInerney

About the book

It's springtime on Cranberry Island — and love is in the air. It seems like every woman has the hots for buff trainer Dirk De Leon. He and his equally-gorgeous business partner, Vanessa Black, are leading a weight-loss retreat at the Gray Whale Inn — forcing innkeeper Natalie Barnes to lighten up her butter-laden breakfast menu.
The mood on the island darkens when two grisly discoveries are made. The first is a skeleton walled up at the island's lighthouse. The second is a corpse of the fresh variety — the handsome Dirk! Could the spirit that once embodied the skeletal remains — perhaps the lighthouse keeper who disappeared a century ago — be responsible for Dirk's death?
The police pin the blame on Natalie's boyfriend who — to her dismay — had a long-ago fling with Vanessa. To find the true killer and ease her own aching heart, Natalie must untangle the knot of jealous girlfriends and spurned admirers that once surrounded the hunky trainer.

Another lite fun read. This is book 3 in the series and I am curious to see if there
will be a fourth. The ending of this one was wrapped up all nice and neat. I really hope there is a fourth one since I really like this series.

6. Dead and Berried by Karen MacInerney

about the book
In this delicious follow-up to Murder on the Rocks, developers have returned to Cranberry Island. This time, they're planning to wipe out a natural cranberry bog, along with the island's namesake berries, to build a luxury subdivision. Natalie Barnes isn't sweet on the idea of commercial interests souring their cozy oasis, but the single innkeeper has other problems on her plate: a withering relationship with her best friend Charlene, the sudden appearance of her ex-fiancé with a tempting proposal, and eerie bumps in the night suggesting the Gray Whale Inn is haunted. Worst of all, there's a killer on the loose, picking off people like ripe fruit.
When Charlene's lover–the handsome chaplain with a stake in the development– is stabbed to death, Natalie promises to find the murderer for her griefstricken friend, who's also the number-one suspect.

This is a fun cozy mystery. With some recipes that I am going to have to try

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

5. Blood Sins by Kay Hooper

About the book
Some sins can’t be forgiven…
because some sins no one survives.
New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper has touched our darkest fears but none so dark as in her latest thriller. Here’s a psychopath who lures his victims with a promise no one can resist…and demands a price no one would knowingly pay.
Young, vulnerable, attractive, Tessa Gray made the perfect victim. Which was why Noah Bishop of the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit recruited her to play the role of grieving widow. As the supposed new owner of property coveted by the Church of the Everlasting Sin, she’d be irresistible bait for the reclusive and charismatic Reverend Samuel. His fortified compound in the mountains near Grace, North Carolina, had been the last known residence of two women murdered in ways that defied scientific explanation.
Though hardly as naive or as vulnerable as she appears, Tessa knows she has a lot to learn about using her unique gift. She also knows that Bishop and the SCU have to be desperate to rely on an untried psychic agent in an undercover operation so dangerous. And desperate they are. For the killer they’re hunting is the most terrifying they’ve ever faced and shakes even the most seasoned agents: a soulless megalomaniacal cult leader who can use their own weapons, talents, and tactics against them.
By entering the cult’s well-guarded compound, Tessa will be exposing herself to the dark magnetism of a psychopath on an apocalyptic crusade of terror that spares no one, not even the youngest victims. And Samuel has protected himself within a fanatically loyal congregation, many of whom occupysurprising positions of power within the community. Even Grace’s chief of police, Sawyer Cavenaugh—a man Tessa will have to trust with her life—may be unable to protect her. Because no one, not even Tessa herself, can guarantee she’s strong enough to resist—or powerful enough to battle—a killer who’s less than human.

I love her books and in my opinion this was another winner.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Steelers Are Going To the Super Bowl

I am so thrilled that the Steelers beat the Ravens. It will be a long 2 weeks.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

4. Final Breath by Kevin O'Brien

About the book
Once A Killer's Chosen You.
At first, the deaths seem random. A young Portland couple brutally murdered in a game gone awry … a Chicago woman who plummeted to her death from an office building … an aspiring screenwriter asphyxiated in his New York apartment. But the macabre souvenirs television reporter Sydney Jordan receives hint at a connection that is both personal and terrifying.
The Only Thing You Have To Do.
After events in her own life went wrong, Sydney fled to Seattle with her teenage son. But instead of getting a fresh start, Sydney is plagued by strange occurrences. Someone is watching, someone who knows her intimately … someone who's just waiting to play the next move in a twisted game.
Is Die.
She is his chosen one. Every murder is a sign, and soon, Sydney will understand why each victim had to suffer-and why she's the next in line.

I truly enjoyed this book and was up later than I should have been figuring out who the killer was. I hope the author is hard at work on his next book. I loves his books

Monday, January 12, 2009

3. All's Well That Ends by Gillian Roberts

About the book

Barring the usual teenage pranks, all seems peaceful at Philly Prep, the private school in Philadelphia where Amanda Pepper teaches English. No doubt the money that appears to be missing from funds collected to aid victims of a catastrophic hurricane Down South will turn up. Probably the rumor that some of Amanda’s students have discovered the thrills of gambling is totally unfounded.
In any case, Amanda has other things to think about. Her husband, private investigator C. K. MacKenzie, is struggling to help his Louisiana kinfolk reconstruct their post-hurricane lives. Her friend Sasha’s stepmother has just committed suicide–although, according to Sasha, Phoebe Ennis would never have killed herself, especially not while having a drink and wearing a red silk blouse and red sandals with four-inch heels.
Amanda isn’t persuaded but reluctantly agrees to help investigate the woman’s demise, though the evidence for foul play is slim. True, the middle-aged compulsive collector of knickknacks wasn’t universally loved. Phoebe’s own son hated her and she bored her friends to death with hints of her “royal” lineage. And with four marriages behind her, she was already preparing to announce her renewed availability on the Net. But when another woman is found dead in Phoebe’s house, it becomes clear that something is indeed murderously amiss, and much closer to home than Amanda or anyone else could have imagined.

At times this series was hit or miss for me, but now that it has finally grown on me it is over. I have read 3 books so far this month and they all finished series two of which I loved.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2. Murder Can Crash Your Party by Selma Eichler

About the book

Full-figured Manhattan P.I. Desiree Shapiro doesn't like public speaking—so she's surprised when her talk at a mystery writers' convention is a hit. But she receives an even bigger surprise when eccentric author Belle Simone approaches her with a truly bizarre proposition.
If Desiree can solve the mystery in Belle's yet unpublished novel, she'll be paid $24,940! Desiree is engrossed by Belle's story of adultery and murder. But the real mystery is: why someone would pay her such an exorbitant sum to solve a homicide that exists only on paper?

This is book 15 of the series and I think it was the best one. I really enjoyed it. The ending holds lots of promise that certain situations will work out for Desiree.
So this book has been sitting here for 8 months waiting for me to read it. So when I was done I went looking to see when the next book would be out. After not finding anything I went to the authors website and found out that this is the last book in the series. I am so bummed.

The author has decided to take some time off from writing. And is not sure when she will write again or what she will write. Why is it always the authors that I love that decide to quit writing. The authors that I can't stand are still writing away.

So far I am on a roll for 2009. Two books read and the both were the last book in a series. I already have my third book picked out but I may have to change it. Since it is also the last book in a series. But I guess that also means that I can find 3 new series authors to read.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

1. Mayhem In High Heels by Gemma Halliday

about the book

In the fifth installment of Halliday's series, Maddie Springer is finally planning to walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams, but with a killer on the loose, til death do you part might come a lot sooner than she thinks.

I really enjoyed this book. I love this series. I am so bummed that this is the last book in this series. I hope her next series is just as good, but I will miss Maddie and friends

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My 2008 Reads

January Books Read
1. Almost Dead By Lisa Jackson 419p 5/5
2. Ghost and the Dead Man's Library by ALice Kimberly 254p 4/5
3. The Devil Served Tortellini by Shirley Jump 342p 4/5
4. Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper 324p 5/5
5. Knitting Bones by Monica Ferris 241p 3/5
6. Death Song by Michael McGarrity 293p 5/5
7. A Murderous Glaze by Melissa Glazer 216p 4/5
8. Hokus Pokus by Fern Michaels 262p 4/5
9. A Catered Murder by Isis Crawford 302p 5/5
10. The Collectors by David Baldacci 436 5/5
11. Adam and Evil by Gillian Roberts 218 3/5
12. Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich 166p 3/5
13. A Peach of a Murder by Livia J. Washburn 251p 4.5/5
14. Stripped by Brian Freeman 354p 4.5/5
15. Capitol Conspiracy by William Bernhardt 399p 5/5
16. Too Pretty To Die by Susan McBride 322p 4/5
17. Pandora's Daughter by Iris Johansen 294p 4/5
18. Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard 327p 3/5
19. Peppermint Twisted by Sammi Carter 249p 4/5
February Reads
20. What Goes With Blood Red, ANyway? by Stevi Mittman 283p 3.5/5
21. The Fright Of The Iguana by Linda O Johnston 245p 4/5
22. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin 322p 4/5
23. Something Blue by Emily Giffin 338p 4/5
24. Wash and Die by Barbara Colley 234p 4/5
25. Stranger in Paradise by Robert B Parker 293 3/5
26. Sizzle and Burn by Jayne Ann Krentz 359 4/5
27. Helen Hath No Fury by Gillian Roberts 246p 3/5
28. Claire and Present Danger by Gillian Roberts 256p 4/5
29. 7th Heaven by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro 297p 4/5
30. The Appeal by James Grisham 322p 5/5
31. Haunting Olivia by Janelle Taylor 315p 4/5
32. Death of a Garage Sale Newbie 298 4/5
33. Carrot Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke 324p 4/5
34. Fast Track by Fern Michaels 250 p 4/5
March Reads
35. The Angel Craved Lobster by Shirley Jump 369p 4.5
36. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella 389p 5/5
37. What Lies in Shadow by Tina Wainscott 369p 4/5
38. Demons Are A Ghoul's Best Friend by Victoria Laurie 282p 4/5
39. Why IS Murder on The Menu, Anyway by Stevi Mittman 294p 4/5
40. Summer Dreams by Stevi Mittman, Kate Austin& Jennifer Greene 277p 3.5/5
41. Alibi In High Heels by Gemma Halliday 294p 5/5
42. Whose Number is Up, Anyway by Stevi Mittman 275p 4/5
43. Till The End Of Tom by Gillian Roberts 267p 3.5/5
44. A Hole In Juan by Gillian Roberts 240p 3/5
45, The Secret Between Us by Barbara Delinsky 295p 4/5
46. Scene of The Grime by Suzanne Price 229p 4/5
47. Stalked by Brian Freeman 357p 5/5
48. Who Creamed Peaches, Anyway by Stevi Mittman 283p 4/5

April Reads

49. Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult 447p 5/5
50. Quicksand by Iris Johansen 340p 4/5
51. Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter 401p 4/5
52. Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark 226p 3/5
53. Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark 289p 3.5/5
54. Faux Finished by Peg Marberg 210p 3/5
55. Stone Cold by David Baldacci 323p 5/5
56. Jasmine Moon Murder by Laura Childs 257p 4/5
57. On Thin Ice by Alina Adams 239p 3/5
58. Eat, Drink and be Wary by Tamar Myers 272p 3/5
59. Die For Me by Karen Rose 558p 4.5/5
60. Hold Tight by Harlan Coben 321p 5/5
61. Bulls Island by Dorothea Benton Frank 332p 3/5
62, Santa Fe Dead by Stuart Woods 306p 4/5
63. Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber 360p 5/5

May Reads
64, Last Seen Alive by Carlene Thompson 342p 4/5
65. Getting Old Is The Best Revenge by Rita Lakin 315p 3/5
66. Don't Scream by Wendy Corsi Staub 476p 5/5
67. Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews. 379p 3/5
68. French Pressed by Cleo Coyle 270p 5/5
69. Clubbed To Death by Elaine Viets 272p 5/5
70. In Plain Sight by Tara Taylor Quinn 373p 4/5
71. Axel of Evil by Alina Adams 216p 3.5/5
72. Death Drop by ALina Adams 233p 4/5
73. Slightly Psychic by Sandra Steffen 289p 3/5
74. Killer Heat by Linda Fairstein 370p 5/5
75. Executive Privilege by Phillip Margolin 368p 5/5
76. Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline 352p 3/5
77. The Angel by Carla Neggers 345p 5/5
78. The Front by Patricia Cornwell 180p 2/5
79. Collateral Damage by Fern Michaels 249 p 4/5

June Reads
80. Blue Smoke and Murder by Elizabeth Lowell 404p 5/5
81. Shadow of Power by Steve Martini 390p 4/5
82. Scream For Me by Karen Rose 436p 4.5/5
83. Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart 302p 4/5
84. Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods 387p 4/5
85. Domestic Affairs by Eileen Goudge 437p 4/5
86. Slice of Heaven by Sherryl Woods 388p 4/5
87. Sail by James Patterson and Howard Roughan 388p 3.5/5
88. Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver 414p 5/5
89. Judgement Day by Sheldon Siegel 413p 4/5
90. AUnt Dimity:Vampire Hunter by Nancy Atherton 232p 4/5
91. Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich 310p 2/5
92. Feels Like Family by Sherryl Woods 393p 4/5
93. Luscious Lemon by Heather Swain 303p 3.5/5
94. Demons are Forever by Julie Kenner 292p 4/5
95. Tailspin by Catherine Coulter 405p 4/5
96. Crepes of Wrath by Tamar Myers 255p 3/5
97. Woman In Red by Eileen Goudge 355p 4.5/5
98. Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot 277p 5/5

July Reads
99. A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand 404p 3/5
100. Feint of Art by Hailey Lind 328p 4/5
101. Inferno by Karen Harper 390p 3/5
102. Obedience by WIll Lavender 287p 4/5
103. Phantom Prey by John Sandford 307p 3.5/5
104. Don't Tell A Soul by David Rosenfelt 306p 5/5
105. Virgin River by Robyn Carr 386p 5/5
106. Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr 368p 5/5
107. Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr 363p 5/5
108. Lye In Wait by Cricket McRae 319p 3.5/5
109. Rogue by Danielle Steel 352p 3/5
110. Guilty by Karen Robards 408p 4/5
111. Edge of Evil by JA Jance 296p 3.5/5
112. Web of Evil by JA Jance 357p 3.5/5
113. Hand of Evil by JA Jance 368p 3.5/5
114. Sacred Cows by Karen E Olson 304p 4.5/5
115. Unknown Means by Elizabeth Becka 324p 5/5
116. Snowfall at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs 439p 5/5
117. Killer View by Ridley Pearson 340p 4/5

AUgust Reads
118. Through A Glass Deadly by Sarah Atwell 280p 3.5/5
119. Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner 308p 5/5
120. Damage Control by JA Jance 374p 4/5
121. Twisted by Andrea Kane 376p 5/5
122. Intent to Kill by James Grippando 401p 3.5/5
123. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult 455p 5/5
124. Murder on the Rocks by Karen MacInerney 274p 4/5
125. Chamomile Mourning by Laura Childs 306p 4/5
126. Dixieland Sushi by Cara Lockwood 283p 3/5
127. Death on Demand by Carolyn G Hart 195p 2/5
128. Out of Reach by Patricia Lewin 316p 4/5
129. Out of Time by Patricia Lewin 344p 4/5
130. Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski 288p 4/5
131. Fractured by Karin Slaughter 337p 4.5/5
132. Secondhand Smoke by Karen Olson 259p 5/5
133. Death Perception by Victoria Laurie 314p 5/5
134. Tacked to Death by Michele Scott 262p 4/5

Sept Reads
135. Weeding Out Trouble by Heather Webber 210p 4/5
136. Shoots To Kill by Kate Collins 315p 5/5
137. Double Dog Dare by Linda O Johnston 264p 3.5/5
138. Cracked Pot By Melissa Glazer 218p 4/5
139. Murder Is Binding by Lorna Barrett 281p 4/5
140. Wreath of Deception by Mary Ellen Hughes 260 4/5
141. Decorated To Death by Peg Margerg 212p 3/5
142. Consigned to Death by Jane K Cleland 276p 4/5
143. Dying to Sell by Maggie Sefton 250p 4/5
144. Remains of the Dead by Wendy Roberts 272p 5/5
145. TuTu Deadly by Natalie M Roberts 248p 3/5
146. Murder by The Slice by Livia J Washburn 252p 4/5
147. Vintage Murder by Michele Scott 240p 5/5
148. Shooting Gallery by Hailey Lind 339p 5/5
149. Brush With Death by Hailey Lind 327 5/5
150. Final Justice by Fern Michaels 248p 4/5
151. Murder With Peacocks by Donna Andrews 296p 3/5

Oct Reads
152. Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson 360p 5/5
153. Mercedes Coffin by Faye Kellermna 367p 4/5
154. Last Breath By George D Shuman 273p 4/5
155. Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown 398p 4/5
156. Exposed by Alex Kava 332p 4.5/5
157. Hot Mahogany by Stuart Woods 287p 3/5
158. It Only Takes A Moment by Mary Jane Clark 341p 4/5
159. High Noon By Nora Roberts 423p 3.5/5
160. A Jolly Good Fellow by Stephen Masse 203p 2/5
161. 8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber 371p 4/5
162. Sister's Choice by Emilie Richards 538p 5/5
163. Death Swatch by Laura Childs 303p 3.5/5

Nov Reads
164. Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly 427p 5/5
165. Burn Out by Marcia Muller 309p 4/5
166. Rough Weather by Robert B Parker 304p 3.5/5
167. Dark Summer by Iris Johansen 384p 4/5
168. Murder With ALl the Trimmings by Elaine Viets 282p 4.5/5
169. Christmas Jars by Jason Wright 122p 4.5/5
170. Chocolate Snowman Murder by JoAnna Carl 227p 4/5
171. Dead of the Day by Karen E Olson 300p 5/5
172. BOdies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver 350p 4.5/5
173. Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber 280p 4/5
174. Dashing Thru The Snow by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark 226p 3/5
175. Cross Country by James Patterson 322p 5/5
176. Shot Girl by Karen E Olson 302p 5/5

Dec Reads

177.A fatal Slip by Meliss Glaser 214p 4/5
178. Devil May Ride by Wendy Roberts 272p 5/5
179. Christmas Cookie Killer by Livi J Washburn 288p 4/5
180. Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr 384p 5/5
181. Catered Wedding by Isis Crawford 288p 4/5
182. Catered Christmas By Isis Crawford 338p 3.5/5
183. Killing Spree by Kevin O'Brien 443p 3.5/5
184. Thai Die by Monica Ferris. 278p 4/5
185. Divine Justice by David Baldacci 326p 5/5

Total Pages 58,350

185. Divine Justice by David Baldacci

About the book

Known by his alias, "Oliver Stone," John Carr is the most wanted man in America. With two pulls of the trigger, the men who destroyed Stone's life and kept him in the shadows were finally silenced.
But his freedom comes at a steep price: The assassinations he carried out prompt the highest levels of the U.S. government to unleash a massive manhunt. Behind the scenes, master spy Macklin Hayes is playing a very personal game of cat and mouse. He, more than anyone, wants Stone dead.
With their friend and unofficial leader in hiding, the members of the Camel Club risk everything to save him. Now, as the hunters close in, Stone's flight from the demons of his past will take him from the power corridors of Washington, D.C., to the small, isolated coal-mining town of Divine, Virginia-and into a world every bit as lethal as the one he left behind.

This is one of my favorite sereis and this was a great installment. I really hope that this series continues..Not sure if it will.