Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2. Murder Can Crash Your Party by Selma Eichler

About the book

Full-figured Manhattan P.I. Desiree Shapiro doesn't like public speaking—so she's surprised when her talk at a mystery writers' convention is a hit. But she receives an even bigger surprise when eccentric author Belle Simone approaches her with a truly bizarre proposition.
If Desiree can solve the mystery in Belle's yet unpublished novel, she'll be paid $24,940! Desiree is engrossed by Belle's story of adultery and murder. But the real mystery is: why someone would pay her such an exorbitant sum to solve a homicide that exists only on paper?

This is book 15 of the series and I think it was the best one. I really enjoyed it. The ending holds lots of promise that certain situations will work out for Desiree.
So this book has been sitting here for 8 months waiting for me to read it. So when I was done I went looking to see when the next book would be out. After not finding anything I went to the authors website and found out that this is the last book in the series. I am so bummed.

The author has decided to take some time off from writing. And is not sure when she will write again or what she will write. Why is it always the authors that I love that decide to quit writing. The authors that I can't stand are still writing away.

So far I am on a roll for 2009. Two books read and the both were the last book in a series. I already have my third book picked out but I may have to change it. Since it is also the last book in a series. But I guess that also means that I can find 3 new series authors to read.

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