Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Cozy Mystery Challenge

I am sorry to see Sept come to an end. I wanted to read a lot more cozies. I starte with 50 books on my list. LOL What was I thinking.
So far I have read 29 of them. 17 of them were read in September. The plan is to
clear out the rest of them before the end of the year. I guess it would have
been easier to whittle down the pile, had I not added to it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

August Reads

I am going to attempt something different and actually try and post something about the books that I read. Lets see how good the memory is or how well I can turn my thoughts into words.

131. Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares 384p 4/5 I like the way she ended the Traveling Pants books.
132. Up Close and Personal by Fern Michaels 309p 3/5 Very predictable
133. Bad Blood by Linda Fairstein 400p 5/5 One of my favorite series. I get sucked in from page one all the time
134. Last Look by Mariah Stewart 344p 5/5 I enjoyed this trilogy and even though
135. Last Words by Mariah Stewart 354p 5/5 I rated them high it is not my favorite
136. Last Breath By Mariah Stewart 281p 4/5 trilogy of hers.
137. Burnt House by Faye Kellerman 438p 5/5 Awesome. I love this series and was so happy that she is back to writing about Peter and Rina. This book was long overdue.
138. The Chocolate Jewel Case by Joanna Carl 228p 4/5 Fun quick cozy mystery. That always has me searching the house for candy
139. Scratch The Surface by Susan Conant 279p 3.5/5 Something about her writing that did not pull me in. I will give another of her books a try.
140. Carpe Demon-Adventures of A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner 360p 4/5 This sat here for awhile. It can be off the wall at times, but very funny
141. Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart 302p 5/5 All about the flower industry. I found this to be very informative. Since I work in a floral shop of a huge grocery store, I was interested in what goes on before we receive a shipment of flowers
142. Dead Silence by Brenda Novak 419p 4/5 I love reading trilogys but I do think
143. Dead Giveaway by Brenda Novak 423p 4/5 that this one could have been done in
144. Dead Right by Brenda Novak 441p 4/5 two books
145. Play Dirty by Sandra Brown 404p 3.5/5 As much as I usually love her books, this one fell a little flat for me. Still glad that I read it.
146. Revenge of Innocents by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg 323p 4/5 Another series that I love
147. Perfect Grave by Rick Mofina 362p 5/5 I think he writes a really good mystery
148. Dock Side by Susan WIggs 405p 5/5 The latest installment of her Lakeside Chronicles books. So I had to read it.
149. With Friends Like These By Gillian Roberts 246p 3.5/5 A series that I am working my way thru. I am finding I like some better than others, but I don't think she will become on of my fav auth
150. Malice by Robert Tanenbaum 439p 5/5 I have been reading this author for a very long time. He gets it right everytime. I think this might be my favorite series
151. Just Plain Pickled To Death by Tamar Myers 266p 4/5 Another fairly new to me
152. Between A Wok and A Hard Place by Tamar Myers 263p 4/5 author that I am trying to read. Some books are better than others but I think she is growing on me and I have to keep reading them to find out what happens. Addiction at its finest.
153. Saddled with Trouble by Michele Scott 259p 4/5 First book in her horse series. I am all caugh up on her wine series so I thougt I would give this a try. I enjoyed it.

Most of the books that I read are mystery/suspense. Romantic suspense and some not sure how to discribe them. Just feel good books that tell a good story. Or at least I think they do. If you have any questions about a book that I have read just let me know and I will be happy to answer further.