Saturday, October 20, 2007

September Reads

I am really late in posting this. Where does the time go. So I am only going to list the books this time around.

154. 74 Seaside Avenue by Debbie Macomber 403p 5/5
155. Crime Seen by Victoria Laurie 282p 5/5
156. Undercover in High Heels by Gemma Halliday 313p 5/5
157. Murder On Ice by Alina Adams 286p 4/5
158. Wrongful Death by Kate Wilhelm 345p 5/5
159. Cooking Up Murder by Miranda Bliss 233p 4/5
160. Murder On the Menu by Miranda Bliss 236p 4/5
161. California Demon by Julie Kenner 342p 4/5
162. Gunpowder Green by Laura Childs 244p 4/5
163. Shades of Earl Grey by Laura Childs 242p 4/5
164. Blessed is the Busybody by Emilie Richards 262p 4/5
165. Let There Be Suspects by Emilie Richards 256p 4/5
166. Dead Heat by Dick Francis and Felix Francis 342p 4/5
167. Bones To Ashes by Kathy Reichs 310p 4/5
168. Design On A Crime by Ginny Aiken 257P
169. The Ghost And Mrs. McClure by Alice Kimberly 261p 4/5
170. The Ghost and the Dead Deb by ALice Kimberly 260p 4/5
171. How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Gillian Roberts 233p 3/5
172. In The Dead Of Summer by Gillian Roberts 260p 3.5/5