Friday, July 11, 2008

104. Don't Tell A Soul by David Rosenfelt

About the book

Tim Wallace’s wife died in a boating accident several months ago. Tim was the only eye witness, and one New Jersey cop is sure he killed her. He didn’t, but even if the police eventually clear his name, he’ll never get over this terrible tragedy.
On New Year’s Eve, his two best friends and business partners finally convince him to go out for the first time since Maggie’s death, and at their neighborhood pub just a few minutes before midnight, things in Tim Wallace’s life go from bad to worse. “Can you keep a secret? A really big one?” a drunken stranger asks him. Before Tim can say anything or turn away, the man confesses to a months-old murder, even offering as proof the location of the woman’s body. “Now it’s your problem,” he says and walks away.
When the man turns out to have been telling the truth, Tim’s life and work are put under the microscope again by the cops, and this time they’re not giving up. But neither is Tim, even when things keep getting worse for him, and eventually he realizes he’s the only person who can figure out what’s really going on---even if it kills him.

David Rosenfelt is an automatic read for me. When I picked this one up I thought it was part of his series, which I enjoy,I quickly got over my disappointment. This is a wonderful stand alone book. He kept me guessing for a long time about what was really going on.

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Dar said...

This sounds really good. It's going on my TBR list. I like a good thriller that keeps me guessing throughout. Thanks for the review!