Tuesday, October 21, 2008

159. High Noon by Nora Roberts

About the book

Lt. Phoebe MacNamara, the chief hostage negotiator for the Savannah, Ga., PD, meets Duncan Swift, a sports bar owner, as they both try to prevent a suicidal bartender Duncan fired from jumping off a roof on St. Patrick's Day. In the aftermath, a romance develops between Phoebe and Duncan, After Phoebe survives a vicious attack within her own precinct house by an unknown assailant, it becomes clear that someone is intent on harming Phoebe and those close to her.

I usually love her books. Her books usually suck me in from page one and I can't stop reading until I finish. Not the case with this one. This book has been sitting here for awhile, this was my second attempt at reading it all the way through, so I am glad that I was able to stick with it and finish it. It had a few redeeming parts but not enough of them.

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