Saturday, May 31, 2008

79. Collateral Damage by Fern Michaels

About the book

Through all their adventures, the bond of the Sisterhood has remained steadfast and unshakeable. But for the first time, the Sisterhood verges on falling apart when the ladies have to choose between two difficult assignments. The first job guarantees a huge paycheck; the second offers a presidential pardon-and a chance to finally emerge from hiding. For the sake of their union, the gals put aside their differences and focus on a new mission. A mysterious Washington, D.C. political operative needs them to track down a computer hacker who has stolen a highly classified list of fundraisers' names. With a presidential election looming, the girls soon realize the job is a lot more dangerous than they had anticipated. Will their client come through with his promise

I enjoyed this book. Another good installement of live on the run and how many ways can you get revenge. A little over the top at times...But very enjoyable


Kristie said...

Let's go Red Wings!!!! Let's go Red Wings!!!! Let's go Red Wings!!!

Heidi said...


I have my fingers crossed for a miracle tomorrow night.

Kristie said...

I think I can safely begin picking out my books now. I will be downtown tonight, celebrating the return of Stanley to where he belongs!!!! GO RED WINGS!!!

Heidi said...

Sorry but Stanley does not belong there. The Redwings have won it enough times. They are greedy. It is time to step aside.