Wednesday, May 21, 2008

73. Slightly Psychic by Sandra Steffen

About the book

Lila Delaney never claimed to be entirely psychic...just slightly psychic. But any ability she might have had disappeared the minute Lila's visions led her and the police to a missing heiress--healthy, happy and tied to the bed of Lila's fiancé. Broadcast live on national television, the incident was enough to make Lila hightail it out of town.
Lila's journey brought her and her best friend Pepper to a small Virginia town. All too soon the woman who just wanted to be left alone was indulging in mint juleps and moonlit celebrations, becoming attracted to a too-secretive man and getting involved in an unsolved murder. If only her psychic abilities would return, Lila might just figure out what she was getting into next...

This is the first book I have read by this author. It was strange at times, but also a quick fun read.


Kristie said...

I read this one awhile ago. I loved the premise but felt kind of disappointed with the book.

Heidi said...

I have been trying to read some of the older books that have been sitting here way to long collecting dust. LOL

I just need to quit buying books faster than I can read the old ones. LOL Like that will happen

Kristie said...

Tell me about it. It is a disease, but a healthy one right?

Heidi said...

I agree there are worse addictions in life. :)