Thursday, May 29, 2008

78. The Front by Patricia Cornwell

About the book
D.A. Lamont has a special job for Garano. As part of a new public relations campaign about the dangers of declining neighborhoods, she's sending him to Watertown to “come up with a drama,” and she thinks she knows just the case that will serve. Garano is very skeptical, because he knows that Watertown is also the home base for a loose association of municipal police departments called the FRONT, set up in order that they don't have to be so dependent on the state—much to Lamont's anger. He senses a much deeper agenda here—but he has no idea just how deep it goes. In the days that follow, he'll find that Lamont's task, and the places it leads him, will resemble a house of mirrors—everywhere he turns, he's not quite sure if what he's seeing is true.

It is a very short book, 180 pages, so I did not waste to much time on it. Not the best book she has ever written.


Kris said...

oh, so a different series or some book other than the Kay Scarpetta series? Sounds like it's one I can pass up though....unfortunatly

Heidi said...

It was not the worst book that I have read. I would not buy this one.

Anonymous said...

If it didn't have the authors name on the cover I would think that it was written by a 20 year old girl with limited experience, A nice light read but not a Cornwell book