Monday, March 31, 2008

48. Who Creamed Peaches, Anyway by Stevi Mittman

About the book

Teddi usually ignored Drew Scoones's warnings to stay out of his cases
After all, who in her right mind would give up steamy post-arrest debriefing sessions with Detective "Swoons"? But when Drew's partner is accused of murdering Peaches Lipschitzaka the "Hooker Housewife"the department promptly takes Drew off the case. Now he's looking at a major lifestyle change and finally doing the one thing that really rattles Teddi proposing marriage!
So "Long Island's Most Dangerous Decorator" is doing the impossible: "breaking up" with Drew to investigate on her own and making her snobbish mother happy for the first time ever. And she's finding that slipping Drew clues undercover is as hot and dangerous as revealing Peaches' secret clientele. But Drew isn't going to stay sidelined for long or let one irresistible interior decorator get away scot-free.

This is the last book in the series...It took awhile but Teddi finally grew on me..I found the books to me all over the place at times, but I did end up liking them. Or maybe I just like that fact that I finished all of them...I will have to give this some thought.

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