Tuesday, March 4, 2008

35. The Angel Cravel Lobster by Shirley Jump

About the book

Boston is just the change small-town Indiana girl Meredith Shordon is seeking. Her cousin needs help, so she packs her bags, hoping to shed her country persona. Her first priority is losing her virginity, and at a local bar she believes she has found the perfect candidate: Travis Campbell. Travis has been an avowed swinging bachelor, but after forgetting one date too many, he decides to give up alcohol and women for 30 days. Meredith wants sex with no strings attached. Travis is unwilling to give it to her, choosing to introduce her to seafood instead. He admires her small-town values and tries to show her she really wants something more; then, a side agenda to use her as a test subject for his company backfires.

I enjoyed this series/book. Some wonderful recipes inside.

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