Thursday, December 25, 2008

Killing Spree by Kevin O'Brien

About the book

O'Brien's heroine, Gillian McBride, is herself a midlist Seattle writer of serial killer books. Her personal life has been thrown into turmoil since the disappearance of her husband, Barry, two years ago, which triggered a series of intimidating visits from some unsavory business associates. Those threats, however, pale in comparison with the violence wreaked by a cross-country murderer patterning his savage crimes on the fictional ones in McBride's books. As the murders pile up, getting increasingly grisly and personal, Gillian is forced to play sleuth and soon finds herself suspecting everyone-in particular, the members of a writing class she taught at a local college before her husband disappeared.

I found this one to be very predictable. I have enjoyed all of his other books, I recently received his new one to review. I hope the new one is back to his usual keep me guessing style.

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