Sunday, November 30, 2008

176. Shot Girl by Karen E Olson

About the book

New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour has a talent for running into trouble. So it should come as no surprise when her co-worker's bachelorette party at a local club quickly turns into a crime scene. What is surprising is that the dead club manager in the parking lot happens to be Annie's ex-husband-and

I was going to put off reading this one. I figured that even though this is the last in the series,it is not really over until I read it. However, since I love this series I had to read it. A wonderful installment. We get some insight as to why Annie is the way she is. I will miss this series. I truly enjoyed reading these books. I wish there was going to be another. Who knows maybe someday. I am looking forward to reading Karen's new book when it comes out next year. Something to look forward to.


Kristie said...

What are her new books supposed to be about? Is it another series?

I am loving Hossa here. Just scored another goal...14th of the year.

Karen Olson said...

Thanks for the nice review! So pleased you liked the book!

Kristie, the first of at least two tattoo shop mysteries will be out in July. THE MISSING INK is the title. The protagonist is a tattoo shop owner named Brett Kavanaugh, and the books are set in Las Vegas. It was great fun to write!

Heidi said...


I have high hopes for the next books. I can't wait for July.