Sunday, September 28, 2008

150. Final Justice by Fern Michaels

About the book.

The last installment of The Sisterhood Rules of the Game series. There will be 5 more Sisterhood books starting sometime in 2009.

I enjoy these books. This one was a bit confusing since I read the book jacket(something I very rarely do)and what was printed about the book had nothing to do with the story I was reading. I did find out from the authors website that there was
a printing mixup. So once I figured out I was not losing my mind. LOL I really enjoyed the book,even though somethings are a bit far fetched.

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Anonymous said...

I so love the Sisterhood series,
I can't wait for the next one.
I hope that there will be more books about the "girls"....I can't
wait until I get home to read the book, even if I'm reading another at the moment!!! Thank you for your expert writing and keep up the fantastic novels.
A true fan of yours, Janice