Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cozy Mystery Time

I am unhappy that Sept is a day away. Cause I know there is snow lurking around
some corner. Ok so it will probably be a few months before the snow comes but I hate seeing the leaves fall of the trees and the weather turning colder....

But I am thrilled that it is time to read cozy mysteries for Kris's challenge. Can't wait to see how many I make it thru.

So it is off to the swing to read and enjoy the warm weather.


Kristie said...

Ugh... don't even get me started on snow and the horrible winter. I swear... I need to move outta here!!!

Heidi said...


I am with you. I really hate snow and cold weather.

Of couse if I won big on the lottery and could stay home, I bet it would not bother me. LOL

Kris said...

snow! Augh!!!! Don't mention snow yet! Actually....depressing me too. haha! Last weekend it was nice and warm and I used the pool all day on Monday, this weekend - It's cool cool cool. yuck!

But....cozy mystery challenge time is something bright in the forecast!