Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Have All the Authors Gone?

I love reading series. I have been reading some authors for what seems like a gazillion years, and I always look forward to their latest book.

In the past few years I have started some new authors and lately I have noticed they have either finished the series after 5-6 books or they have just disappeared. Some of my favorites that I miss and will be missing

Laura Durham--Wedding Planner Annabelle Archer
Heather Webber--Landscaper Nina Quinn. The last book comes out in July
Susan McBride--The Debutante Drop Out Mystery with Andy
Gemma Halliday- Shoe Designer Maddie Springer
Dana Cameron-Archaeologist Emma Fielding
Deborah Donnelly-Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid
Elizabeth Bright/Tim Myers--The InnKeepinging series,Candlemaking Series,Soapmaking Mysteries and the Card Making Series. I did some checking and found out that he is now writing The Clay and Crime Mysteries as Melissa Glazer. While I am happy that he started a new series. I still want the other series to have new adventures.

I have a feeling there are more authors I will have to do some more checking and I think I will have to email the publishers to find out what is going on. Not that they will tell me, but I have to try. I guess once I get over being annoyed I should thank the publisher for saving me money. These authors were all automatic buys for me, as soon as I found a book was coming out I would pre-order it usually months in advance.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this adventure.


Kris said...

This just sucks!
I'm upset about all of the Tim Myer's books because I have read most, but all, and loved them! Others I have read maybe only the first but planned to read the rest, or planned to start the series.
My guess is that the publishers decided not to carry the books anymore and stopped the series. stupid publishers.

Heidi said...

Not sure what is going on. I email Harper Collins/Avon and imagine they never responded. LOL
I also emailed a couple of the authors and never heard anything.

Kristie said...

I thought that there was a newer Deb Dropout book that was just released. Same thing with the Gemma Halliday books, I thought one just came out.

Heidi said...

Alibi In High Heels by Gemma Halliday came out in Feb of 2008
Mayhem in High Heels comes out in Jan of 2009.

She currently has a book out with 2 other authors but it is not part of her series. She is starting a new series that will be out sometime in 2009

Too Pretty To Die by Susan McBride came out in Jan. It is the last book in the series. :(