Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Too Many books

Well so far I am doing great at reading the books I pick up at the library and reading
the new books that I have bought this year... However, I seem to be getting off-track on
reading the books for the TBR challenge. So after I finish Sisters, and then I have to read
Shopaholic and Baby that is on its way to me..I will put my new books aside and read the
books from my challenge list At least this is my goal. Hopefully it will work


Lover of Books said...

I know that problem. lol I have been reading chunkster books from the library but not many of my own. I need to read two more classics in 7 days. lol Probably not going to happen. :)

Heidi said...

I have a feeling that you can read 2 classics in 7 days. Your braver than me.

I finished the book I was reading and now I am going to pick one off of my pile.

Lover of Books said...

Not yet, I have books to review and well not going to happen. :) Oh, well.

Bookfool said...

Yep, I know the feeling. The new books really cry out to me. :)

Heidi said...


I know I want to read the new ones.So far I am doing a decent job of reading the ones that I buy in 2007. It would work out better is so many of them were not released at the same time.